Ride Out Instructions

Safety Brief & Attendance Instructions

For My Moto Ride Outs

Firstly thank you to everyone that will be taking the time and effort to attend a My Moto Ride Out event. Contained within this document you will find details of what will happen on the day and what you will need to do to ensure that the ride is safe and memorable for all involved.

Safety during the Ride Out.

We want to ensure that everyone taking part in any My Moto Event has a safe and enjoyable day. Please help us to do so by reading this safety brief in full.

1. Road-worthiness
Make sure that both themselves and their vehicle are legal to be used on the road. This includes having valid insurance, Road Fund Licence and where appropriate MOT. Learners should be displaying valid L plates. Bikes should be safe and roadworthy.

2. Speed
Speed limits must be adhered to at all times. There may be Police present during the ride and monitoring people heading to the starting points or leaving after the event. Anyone caught breaking the speed limit will be liable to prosecution.

3. Rules of the Road
Traffic signals and directions should be followed at all times. This includes stopping at red lights, giving way to other road users that have right of way, and adhering to the Highway Code and UK Traffic Laws at all times.

4. Riding Position
We would ask that where it is safe to do so all riders adopt the staggered riding position to help keep the procession of bikes as short as possible. For example Rider 1 near the kerb with the following rider keeping a safe distance behind and riding slightly off set. The next rider goes back to the near side and so on.
Please also ensure that on single carriage ways, all riders stick to their side of the road and do not cross the white line on bends, potentially putting themselves into the pathway of oncoming traffic.

5. Overtaking
Under no circumstances should there be any overtaking whilst on the ride. Please stick to your position within the ride. The only overtaking permitted is by the designated marshals, so please be alert and aware of their presence and if safe to do so make room for them to overtake.

6. Breakdowns
Should anyone be unfortunate enough to break down or have a mechanical problem during the ride, please safely signal and pull over, park up and wait for the support vehicle  who will be able to assist you if there is one present. They will be at the tail end of the ride to pick up anyone unfortunate enough to break down. If no support vehicle is present, then one of the Marshall's will assist.

7. Other Road Users
During the ride please always be considerate to other road users and pedestrians. Please keep revs (and noise) down through built up areas and villages.

Please be aware the Rides will be fully marshalled giving clear indications of the route to be taken. If you arrive at a junction and there is no apparent marshal accept this as a straight on direction. The marshal team will be wearing Orange Hi Visibility vests so please refrain from wearing an orange Hi Visibility vest to save any confusion on the day, yellow Hi Visibility clothing is acceptable to wear on the ride.

9. Arrival at Destination.

Please follow directions from the marshal team.


Thank you for taking the time to read this brief. we look forward to seeing you at our store.